Glim - A new faster jekyll website compiler clone / alternative (in ~3000 lines of ruby)

(Gerald Bauer) #1


    Jekyll not fast enough? Why not build a compatible faster clone /
alternative from scratch / zero (in ruby)? [1] Sounds crazy?

   Allan Odgaard (of TextMate fame) has just done it and with about 3
000 lines of ruby code offers even more features than jekyll itself
:slight_smile: e.g. built-in tags and categories for collections, lazy evaluation
and parallized builds, better defaults, and much more. Find out more
at the Glim website compiler source project repo [2]

   Happy publishing w/ ruby. Cheers. Prost.

PS: By the way - did you know? Slideshow (S9) [3] is another
jekyll-compatible clone :slight_smile: that lets you build presentations / talk
slides in markdown (kramdown, really) and jekyll themes [4] e.g.
reveal.js, shower.js, bespoke.js, s6, etc.