Getting Response from HTTPS POST


I am writing a crawler to parse webpages. One site that I am crawling
requires me to log in, so I use an HTTPS POST to log in. However, once
I send the POST I can't get anywhere because I have to have a valid
session id in the URL. If I log in using FireFox, the session id is
appended to the URL for every page that I visit (something like\). How can I get this session ID
so that I can append it to my URLs and crawl the page? They used to
send the session id in a cookie but they no longer use cookies (you
will see the attempt to get the cookie still in this code). Here is
what I have:

    require 'net/https'
    require 'uri'

      url = '<appropriate URL here>'
      uri = URI.parse(url)
      http =, uri.port)
      http.use_ssl = uri.scheme == 'https'
      http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE

      response = self.get_data(http, uri, headers)
      page = response.body

      #grab hidden field from the page
      view_state = CGI::escape(page[/<input type="hidden"
name="__VIEWSTATE" value="([^"]*)"/, 1])
      post_data = '<post data here>'

      login_response,data ='<appropriate path here>',
post_data, headers)

      cookie = nil
      location = nil
      login_response.each_header do |name, value|
        cookie = value[0, value.index(';')] if name == 'set-cookie'
        location = value if name == 'location'

      headers['Cookie'] = cookie

      if location
        homepage = get_data(http, URI.parse('<appropriate URI

'+location), headers).body

        homepage = get_data(http, URI.parse('<default URI here>'),

      start_with_homepage(homepage, http, headers)