[Gateway] Postings Mail -> News truncated


I just wondered about a reply to a posting of mine
that didn't seem to make sense. Only when looking at
the mail side, I saw the full reply. The news
version was truncated after the quote. I think I saw
a similar phenomenon some days ago already but didn't
check then. Any ideas?

    Just an idea, but the email that got truncated got truncated on the
line "..". In SMTP, after the DATA command is issued, the end of the
data is indicated by a line containing a single dot ("."). To allow
lines consisting of a single dot to be sent, there is a special
provision called "transparency" that says the sender must add an
additional dot to the beginning of any line that begins with a dot (e.g.
".hello" => "..hello"). The receiver then looks for a line consisting
of a single dot to indicate the end of the data, and if not found,
strips off any leading dot.

    It is just possible that some mail client or server in the mail path
is mishandling this transparency rule and is truncating the data on the
line "..". This could be tested by sending an email with a single dot
on a line by itself through the same mail path and see if it gets
truncated in the same way. Alternately, look for another example of a
truncated email and see if it is truncated on a similar ".." line.

    Or, it could be something completely different...

    - Warren Brown