FXRuby: newbie questions


I’m not a programmer for ten years or even more, but sometimes I need to
write some scripts. I’ve used sh & perl for this, but few month ago I
took a look at Ruby. I liked this language and I hope it has a big future.
Very nice thing.

OK, I’ve decided to try if Ruby is also suitable for writing relatevely
little programs on the Windows platform. You know, there are a lot of
things like, for example, working with LDAP or databases running on Unix
from Windows.

Then I’ve spent this weekend playing with FXRuby on Windows. Many things
are clear after reading the examples included in distribution, but some
are not.

I have few miscellaneous questions (yet :).

  1. Is this possible to print from FXRuby application running under Windows?
    Is so, could someone give an example? Say, how to print out one of
    windows with its content?

  2. I’ve notices that not every application becoming “active” after start,
    and it need to click on 'em to. Why? Among the examples given, there are
    dialog, glviewer, image, imageviewer…

  3. The only documentation on FOX is in html and is hardly converting
    with html2ps. Is there a place where it could be found as ps, pdf, dvi or

  4. Is this possible to access PostgreSQL databases from Ruby application
    running on the Windows platform without using ODBC?

Thank you in advance,


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