FW: The Perl Journal--Back in Business!

Regarding an earlier thread on the revival of The Perl Journal, and a
possible expansion of scope to include other scripting languages, I just
received the announcement included below.

It seems the inclusion of material focused on languages other than Perl will
be scant.



-----Original Message-----
Dear Fellow Perl Programmer,

Since 1996, The Perl Journal has been the definitive publication for and
about Perl programming. Need to know about turning Perl scripts into
binaries? Want to find out more about rapid database prototyping? Need
to turn an RSS feed into HTML? TPJ has always been the place to go.

Better yet, and contrary to rampant rumors, the demise of TPJ has been
greatly exaggerated. Because the Perl community has asked for it, we’re
relaunching TPJ as a monthly e-zine to bring you more, better Perl stuff
than ever before.

But we need your help. TPJ is totally reader supported. To deliver TPJ
to you, we need just 3,000 subscribers. Bean counters being what they
are, our bosses won’t let us publish the e-zine if we don’t have 3,000
subscribers. It is as simple as that. How much will a year’s
subscription cost? Only $12–that’s just $1 per month! Simply
said, TPJ’s future is up to you. Please subscribe now.

So what can you expect to get for your $1/month? More of the great Perl
articles you’ve come to expect from TPJ. However, we will be broadening
the platform coverage, ensuring that Mac OS X, Windows, and others are
included, in addition to UNIX. And we’ll also be broadening the scope in
terms of languages, too–TPJ won’t just be Perl only, since we’ll be
examining other lightweight languages, both as stand-alone tools and in
how they relate to Perl.

In the first few issues, for instance, you can expect to read about Perl
and rapid database prototyping, how to compile Perl scripts into
binaries, how Perl measures up to C# and Java, what’s the big deal with
CamelBones, and more about Perl, XML, and RSS. And that’s just the
start! You can also join TPJ columnists Simon Cozens and brian d foy, as
well as book reviewer Jack Woehr.

So go to http://click.sysadmin.email-publisher.com/maaaxRtaaTGLLa2spWdb/
and click the “Subscribe Now” button–that’s all you have to do to
subscribe to TPJ–and follow these steps:

Step One
On the Registration page, assign yourself a username and password.

Step Two
On the Subscribe page, enter the necessary information as
required–name, credit-card number, and so on.

That’s it. Your credit card will not be processed or charged until the
first issue is available. When the issue is available, you only need
to click the “Download Current Issue” button where you’ll be prompted
for your username and password.

So subscribe now and we’ll send you a follow up message when the first
issue of the new TPJ is ready.