For performance, write it in C

Is not it simple and obvious that for the complete picture you need
both numbers -- the one that includes the start-up time and the one
that does not?



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On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 05:37:24AM +0900, Keith Gaughan wrote:
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> > Design decisions that involve interfacing with interface software that
> > sucks is related to the software under discussion -- and not all of the
> > interface is entirely delegated to Windows, either. No software can be
> > evaluated for its performance characteristics separate from its
> > environment except insofar as it runs without that environment.
> Here's all I'm saying: the environment is important, but it's a variable
> that must be cancelled when talking about some piece of software that's
> running on top of it. You can only make judgements about the speed of
> something like Excel by comparing it to another spreadsheet with a
> similar set of features running on Windows. Otherwise, you're only
> making guesses as to where the sluggishness and bloat lie.