Execution question

It doesn’t seem useful to me… but please, prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

Programmatically, I can’t think of one. I’m wondering if this could be
used somehow for digital class signatures.

As a side note, if you “reopen” this class, you can’t access
this variable again (arguably making it even less useful – bug
or feature?). Apparently it has died and gone to what Matz calls
“variable heaven” (search ruby-talk archives). Example:

class Test
a = 1
puts a

def mymeth

puts a # This works.

class Test
puts a # This doesn’t.

Perl has “variable suicide”. Wouldn’t this be “class suicide”?

Thanks for bringing up this little issue.

Other comments, anyone? Matz, Dave, ts?

I’m not on their level, but I’ll chime in anyway. :slight_smile:




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