Enterprise Ruby Conference

erubycon: Columbus Ohio, Feburary 9 - 11, 2007

EdgeCase is proud to announce erubycon, the first conference
specifically for demonstrating Ruby's place in the Enterprise world.
Many of you out there have stood back and watched as Ruby and Ruby on
Rails have gained popularity. Many of you have had the same questions:

    * Can I use it for real applications?
    * Can I integrate it with my current systems?
    * Will it scale?

We have gathered an exceptional group of speakers to come and share
their experiences with Ruby in Enterprise organizations. These speakers
will answer these questions and more. The speakers have had extensive
experience and success in many environments such as Java and .NET. They
have also found tremendous success and enjoyment with Ruby.

    * Jim Weirich, without whom we would not have Rake,
       RubyGems or realize that you really can use a nintendo
       to get your point across at a conference.
    * Bruce Tate, international speaker and best selling author
       of nine titles including Better, Faster, Lighter Java, and
       Bitter Java has recently written the popular From Java
       to Ruby: Things Every Manager should Know will give
       us an overview of how he has helped organizations
       accelerate their development and increase effectiveness
       thanks to the Ruby language.
    * Justin Gehtland, co-author of the recent Pragmatic Ajax
       and Rails for Java Developers will share his experiences
       and successes he has had recently as founding partner
       of Relevance, an organization that has successfully
       leveraged Ruby inside the Enterprise.
    * Stuart Halloway, founding partner of Relevance, co-author
       of Rails for Java Developers, international speaker, and
       trainer who has trained some of the top consulting organizations
       in the country on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Stuart will
       bring his exceptional teaching style and extensive
       experience to the conference and demonstrate what this
       language can do for you.
    * Neal Ford, Application Architect for ThoughtWorks, author
       of The Art of Java Web Development, and international
       speaker who frequently speaks about Enterprise development
       for the popular No Fluff Just Stuff series will come and speak
       about the success ThoughtWorks has had with Ruby and Ruby
       on Rails in large organizations.
    * Dave Hoover, a consultant and trainer for Obtiva and author
       of 'Acceptance Testing Rails' from Addison Wesley and 'Rails
       on TDD' from O'Reilly.

We will have announcements soon about many of the other exciting
speakers you will get to hear from at the conference. We will provide a
balanced view of the state of Ruby and what it can do for your

erubycon takes place Feburary 9, 10, and 11 in Columbus Ohio.
Registration opens December 1, and pricing will be announced soon.
Tickets will be limited in order to offer a more intimate setting and
chance for everyone to hear the speakers. A lounge area will be setup
for speaker Q&A sessions, coding help, or just to hang out.

Stay tuned to erubycon.com for more details as the days progress.