Embedding an extension


I'm using Ruby on the PSP ( a patch has been posted here ;). Now, I'd
like to add the socket support to my application. Since there already is
a socket extension, I shouldn't create mine, should I ?

The problem is that, on the PSP, I can't use shared object. So I thought
the best way was to compile the socket extension with mine, and to call
"InitSocket()" in my main function. So I tried to add the defines in my
Makefile manually :

However... well... it doesn't compile yet.
socket/socket.c:1446: erreur: storage size of ‘from’ isn’t known
socket/socket.c:1446: attention : unused variable ‘from’

same for each uses of "struct sockaddr_storage". Does anyone know what I
should change in my CFLAGS ( or even in socket.c ) ?

Thanks in advance.


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