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Optimizing Performance And Productivity

Dear Visual Basic Professional,

Be honest with yourself. Every Visual Basic program has some room for performance improvement and every Visual Basic developer could benefit from added knowledge and increased productivity. ActiveOptimizer 2.0 provides a unique combination of tools to help you obtain optimal performance from your applications plus make you a more productive, more knowledgeable developer! The ActiveOptimizer tools will quickly identify performance problem areas in your applications and then prescribe coding solutions to help you solve those problems. The included productivity addin provide tools to eliminate many of the mundane, repetitive tasks of professional development and the utility DLL complete with source code provides extremely useful functionality to further optimize your applications and development efforts.

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Now better than ever, the just released Active Optimizer Suite 2.0 includes these professional program optimization and productivity tools:[

pdProfiler2** - F****ind and solve your performance bottlenecks in minutes.
You have never seen a profiler like this one! So simple to use, yet so powerful. The pdProfiler features include execution comparisons, call stack tracing, code coverage analysis, remote collection capability, and many more. The pdProfiler2 combines a new level of customization options along with unbelievable timing accuracy to provide the most data rich ultimate profiler available. Also, unlike its competitors, no project is too big for the pdProfiler2! It can profile any size project quickly and accurately.
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]( pd****GuideBook2 - **Write optimized code the first time.**Wow! Over 20 categories with 200+ optimization tips and techniques. These are not just the one or two line tips and techniques like you see in technical magazines or on the web. Most of our tips are complete with detailed explanations, risk assessments, impact analysis, and examples. PLUS, our integrated pdCodeScanner will examine your code to identify where some techniques can be applied to improve performance, and even identify dead code and/or variablesView Details andBrief Video Demonstration
pdAddin2 **- Spend more time optimizing code, less time on mundane tasks. This VB Addin focuses on simplifying the programming chores you have to deal with constantly like error handling, line numbering, and commenting. Use the exclusive “scheme” support feature to create multiple commenting and error handling scenarios to handle different coding requirements! PdAddin2 also provides additional select productivity tools including a tool to remove unused local variables. You really have to see this tool to appreciate its power!
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pdSpeed DLL
- Optimize your productivity. Don’t write the same code again and again! The pdSpeed DLL contains a collection of extremely useful and practical classes, providing common functionality such as registry access, string manipulation, common dialog support, cursor support, file and directory routines, plus much more. Reference the DLL and distribute it royalty free or simply add the included source code right into your project. This core set of functionality makes starting any project a breeze!
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Active Optimizer can make your programs scream through optimization techniques and profiling. It can also take the scream out of programming by reducing those frustrating programming chores! Don’t miss out on the best Visual Basic Optimization Suite ever offered. [

Click here to download the free 30 day trial version.](

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