Curses! Poll: which gem is most complete/bug-free/recent/maintained?

Hi everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone here uses the ncurses (or ruby-ncurses) gem or
any other [n]curses gem(s). If so, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me
which gem/project is the most recent/maintained/up-to-date?

I've got the "ncurses" (or rather "ncurses-ruby") gem installed
(version 0.9.1) via "sudo gem install ncurses" (
However, the gem's site ( has a
"Download area" link (
showfiles.php?group_id=273) that references several newer versions, up
to 1.2.4.

From this it looks like the gem I have is from August of 2004 while
the latest version is from July 2009. Also from searching I found a
"...RubyGem installation of Tobias Herzke's ncurses-ruby..." (http:// on GitHub. Which version of the
original ncurses-ruby this wraps I'm not sure.

Then there is the ffi-ncurses gem (
ncurses) updated as recently as last February and the ncursesw gem
( with a version bump at the
beginning of this month. The latter of the two appears to simply be a
patched ncurses???

Then there is rbcurse ( a gem that sits
on top of ncurses-ruby to provide a "forms and widgets library." This
having been updated last November (and apparently testing it under
ruby 1.9.1 is underway).

So, I'm interested in knowing what YOU use (if you do any coding with
a curses or curses-like library) and why? What features/strengths do
any of these offer over the ruby standard "curses" library? Which is
most complete (wraps all of [n]curses functionality)? Which is most
actively developed and maintained?

Thanks for any input!