Cms 4 static pages?

hi folks!

m looking 4 a framework, that allows to build static community software (similar to facebook) without having to start scripts, database connects, admin cookies, e.t.c.

means - should be dynamic without really being dynamic, delivering just static pages. (yes, i know e.g. nginx does that by caching, thats not what i want!)

features wanted:

a not database driven

b password access ist done by just renaming users home directory. User at logout will receive new secret subdirectory name 4 new login.

c no clientside scripting. changing layout will be done by rebuilding all relevant static pages in user directory once by serverside script.

d new entries e.g. mail, discussions will be queued, user just sees: tnx 4 your new article, page will be rebuilt in ... estimated 3 seconds ... or estimated 10 seconds ... depending on load and todo queue length.

e load balancing is done by just replicating static pages between servers after new rebuild of static pages.

f simulation of received mail directory through just rebuilding relevant static html tree. attachments not allowed.

g intelligent todo queue 4 resorting mail sent, received, discussions, look and feel before rebuilding static user pages. (herein lies the intelligence of the whole system)

h notifications 4 new mail, messages, e.t.c. are just updates in static html fields. if user gets offline (measured by time since last update of static pages) user will be informed once a day by mail.

i simulation of locking can easily be done by dotfiles.

j according 2 my calculations such system should be able 2 satisfy any bandwidth without causing significant load of cpu, due 2 low protocol overhead and no server side scripting, no database load. overload of server should not possible by design.

k modules, addon 4 twitter e.g., nice 2 have

(and no, no java!) any pointers?

tnx in advance, Guido Stepken

Projects to look at:

* nanoc 3
* webby
* webgen

More listed here:


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Brian Candler schrieb:

Projects to look at:

* nanoc 3
* webby
* webgen

More listed here:

Hi Brian!

tnx lots, great help!

Guido Stepken