Ascii, rsa and bignum

Barry Sperling wrote:

Continuing on the track of the previous question about ASCII, I'm using each_byte to change a string to ASCII for the purpose of encrypting it, using the theory of the RSA algorithm ( to see if I can! ). Part of this algorithm requires getting a power ( a**b ) in which the "a" is the ASCII value of the string and the "b" is some large number that is dictated by the RSA algorithm ( about 25,000,000,000,000 for my test string ). However, when I do this I get the error

test_ascii.rbw:20: warning: in a**b, b may be too big

Try class BN in Ruby-OpenSSL:

require "openssl"
include OpenSSL

a =**10-1)
b =**10-3)

c = a * b



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