ApacheCon: Less than a week left for early-bird savings

Howdy folks, just an FYI. Please feel free to forward this on to
other relevant lists or interested parties. It’d be great to have a
strong turn out of Ruby users. FWIW, I’ll be there talking about
basic mod_ruby, however if enough folk show up or have interest, I can
arrange for a few BoF sessions to talk about using mod_ruby and
generating 1M page hits a day, using mod_ruby as the base for XML
services, or using XSL and Ruby.

ApacheCon US 2002

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
18-21 November 2002




Just a couple of quick reminders:

  1. There’s less than a week left to get the Early-Bird rate
    on ApacheCon registration; on October 2 the price goes up
    from US$499 to US$699!

  2. If you want to stay informed of ApacheCon news, subscribe to
    the ApacheCon announcement list. Just send an empty message
    to announce-subscribe@ApacheCon.Com.

  3. If you’d like the chance to provide feedback, or discuss the
    conference with other attendees, or just talk about it in general
    (what speakers would you like, what about the prices, et cetera),
    I encourage you to join the discussion list. Just send an empty
    message to discuss-subscribe@ApacheCon.Com.

Thanks for your interest and support!

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