ANNOUNCE: NHI1-0.11, PLMK-2.0 und libmsgque-5.0

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ANNOUNCE: Major Feature Release



  libmsgque: Application-Server-Toolkit for
             C, C++, JAVA, C#, Go, TCL, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, RUBY, VB.NET
  PLMK: Programming-Language-Microkernel
  NHI1: Non-Human-Intelligence #1


Finish release 4 of wp2 with adding Factory support.
The Factory add the ability to create NEW server-types on-the-fly and
introduce the self-programming capability to NHI1.

The "Factory" is an important part of the object management and has the
following basic features:

* create a new instance identified by an "Identifier" or using an
   already available instance as template
* cleanup and delete an instance
* provide an "Identifier" for factory lookup and as an unique
   application name
* identify the server in the network

The link between the "Factory-Identifier" and the "Factory-Interface" is
important for the future development of "libmsgque". Message-Routing,
Service-Location and Persistent-Transactions depend on this feature.

The relationship between the "MqFactoryS" and the "MqS" is the same as
the relationship between a "type" and an "instance" of the "type" in a
regular programming language.
The "MqFactoryS" define the "type" of the server and the "MqS" define a
single instance of the server. Every kind of server has !!only one!!
specific "MqFactoryS" object but every instance of a server has one
"MqS" object used for object management. Decreasing the size and the
complexity of a "MqS" object will improve the server performance.
In future more fields, defined in the "MqSetupS" attribute of the the
"MqS" object, will move into "MqFactoryS" object.


  libmsgque including PHP documentation:

mfg, Andreas Otto (aotto1968)