[ANN] wlang 0.10.1 Released

wlang version 0.10.1 has been released!

WLang is a powerful code generation (and templating) engine

* <http://github.com/blambeau/wlang>
* <http://rubygems.org/gems/wlang>
* <http://blambeau.github.com/wlang>
* <http://revision-zero.org/wlang>

WLang is a general-purpose *code generation*/*templating engine*. It's main
aim is to help you generating
web pages, sql queries, ruby code (that is, generating code in general)
without having to worry too much
about html entities encoding, sql back quoting, string escaping and the
like. WLang proposes a generic
engine that you can extend to fit your needs. It also proposes standard
instantiations of this engine
for common tasks such as generating ruby code, creating SQL queries,
instantiating web pages, and so on.


# Version 0.10.1 / 2011-01-17

* Bug fixes

  * Fixed a bug when using multi-block syntaxes with another delimiter than

* Other enhancements

  * WLang source code follows the ruby.noe template that comes bundled with

# Version 0.10.0 / 2011-01-14

* New features

  * Introduced a wlang/hosted language which parses blocks as actually
described in the specification
  * Introduced a semantics +{...} in wlang/ruby that prints literals.
  * wlang/ruby now includes the Buffering ruleset
  * Introduced a wlang/active-text dialect which includes Basic, Imperative,
Buffering and Context rulesets.
  * Introduced a wlang/yaml dialect with special inclusion +{...} operator

* Broken features and APIs

  * Due to the wlang/ruby <-> wlang/hosted changes and the fact that
wlang/ruby now includes the
    Buffering ruleset, users that generate ruby (a few) may have broken
templates and should probably
    be pessimist and require wlang 0.9.x
  * For the same reason, users that make complex wlang meta-constructions
ala +{+{...}} could observe
    problems due to the change of +{...} in wlang/ruby. The wlang/hosted
dialect is introduced to limit
    such problems, but not encountering them is not guaranteed.

* Other enhancements

  * Moved to rspec 2.4.0
  * Moved from rdoc to yard for generating the documentation
  * README, CHANGELOG and LICENCE are now in Mardown instead of rdoc