[ANN] win32-ipc 0.3.0

Hi all,

The Win32Utils Team is pleased to announce the release of win32-ipc

What is it?


An base class for Win32 synchronization objects.

What's new?

- The constructor now takes an optional block. Instance objects will
call that block if they are signaled.

- Added the 'block' method (read-only). Allows you to access the
block provided to the constructor.

- Modified the 'wait' instance method to take an optional block. This
block will be called if the object is signaled. Overrides the block
to the constructor for that instance object (only).

- Added the 'signaled?' instance method to indicate if the object is
in the signaled state or not.

- Modified all methods to raise an IpcError if an error occurs
(instead of simply returning nil).

Where can you get it?

It's available on the RAA or RubyForge at


The Win32Utils Team