[ANN] whos - removes spam from whois results

Quick little command-line tool so you can use whois from the command
line without getting spammed with boilerplate legal/marketing BS.

# Summary

* wraps `whois` and removes the registrar boilerplate legal/marketing spam BS
* pass in a FQDN and it checks it
* pass in a plain name (no dots) and it checks for .com,.net,.org,etc.

# Install

gem install whos

## Optional Install

echo "alias whois=whos" >> ~/.bash_profile

# Usage

`whos foo.com` - runs `whois foo.com`. If it is available, or not, it
says so in a single line.

`whos -v foo.com` - If `foo.com` is not available, it shows you the
whois response, minus the boilerplate legal/marketing registrar text

`whos foo` - runs `whos foo.com` then `whos foo.com` then `whos
foo.net` then `whos foo.org` etc.

`whos -o foo.com` - If `foo.com` is taken, opens `http://foo.com` in a browser

Multiple args work as expected.

# Got more spam?

Fork <http://github.com/alexch/whos> on github, add a file to the spam
folder, run `rake install`, then send me a pull request

# Credits

Written in a fit of pique by Alex Chaffee <http://alexch.github.com>


Alex Chaffee - alex@stinky.com - http://alexch.github.com
Stalk me: http://friendfeed.com/alexch | http://twitter.com/alexch |