[ANN] test-unit-must 0.1.0

test-unit-must - Selfish "must" assertions for Test::Unit

What is it?



test-unit-must is a set of assertions for Test::Unit that treat
the receiver of an assertion method call as the subject of the
assertion. In other words, these are MiniTest::Spec style
assertions, but their names only begin with `must_` or `must_not_`;
there is no `wont_` or `refute_` prefix.

What is new?

* Support more Test::Unit 2 assertions to be 100% feature complete:

  def must_be_truth message=nil
      assert, self, message

  def must_yield_truth message=nil
      assert_block message, &self

  def must_fail message=nil
      assert_fail_assertion message, &self

  def must_exist_in_filesystem message=nil
      assert_path_exist self, message

  def must_not_exist_in_filesystem message=nil
      assert_path_not_exist self, message

  def must_predicate predicate, message=nil
      assert_predicate self, predicate, message

  def must_not_predicate predicate, message=nil
      assert_not_predicate self, predicate, message

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