[ANN] SNMP 0.5.0 Released

Release 0.5.0 of Ruby SNMP is now available on RubyForge.


The SNMP protocol provides the capability to monitor and manage
switches, routers, printers, desktops, and other equipment in your
network. This implementation includes a simple Ruby-style interface and
symbolic access to SNMP object IDs.

Changes in this release:

* Fixed bugs #1679 (NameError in Manager.get_response()) and #1736
(Notifications not included in YAML output).
* Added Manager.get_value convenience method to get a list of values
for a
list of OIDs instead of the full VarBindList list like Manager.get.
* Added vb_list alias for PDU.varbind_list.
* Changed how Manager.walk yields to it's block. It is now more
about yielding a list if a list is provided as an argument.
* Break out of Manager.walk instead of looping forever if OIDs returned
by the
remote host are not in ascending order.