[ANN] rutema 0.5.0 Released

rutema version 0.5.0 has been released!


Rutema provides the basis for building tools that can manage the execution of tests as well as an example implementation as proof-of-concept for the ideas behind it.

It's purpose is to provide a set of classes and a framework that will allow testers to specify and execute tests in heterogeneous testing environments.

Rutema allows you to combine tools while it takes care of logging, reporting, archiving of results and formalizes execution of automated and manual tests.

For more information look at http://patir.rubyforge.org/rutema



## 0.5.0 / 2008-02-26
* activerecord reporter is now loaded by default (no need to require it in the configuration file)
* bugfix: step names correctly written in the database
* The web frontend now uses Ramaze
* using patir-0.5.3 because of the chdir bugfixes
* rutema can now test itself! rutemax and rutemah return meaningful exit codes. So there, we do it our own dogfood
* lots more documentation on usage and how to build a parser

## 0.4.3 / 2008-02-25
* fixed bug in rutemax when the activerecord reporter is used, where the database was not created relative to the configuration entry
* fixed bug in rutemah where the report was not printed (doh!)
* added active record reporter configuration and rutemah configuration to distro test
## 0.4.2 / 2007-12-05
* rutemah code cleaned up
* Bugfix: MinimalXMLParser now handles relative paths in command elements correctly
* distro_test added to the gem
* Distro test documented, documentation pages updated
## 0.4.1 / 2007-12-04
* Documented MinimalXMLParser
* More debug logs
* Fixed bug in attribute checking for command steps in the minimal parser
* Fixed bug in specification parsing in the Coordinator (no specs were returned)
* Fixed bug in the implementation of <prompt> in the minimal parser (attended was not set)
* Fixed bug in evaluation of attended status for steps
* Fixed bug where runner would complain that attened scenarios cannot be run in unattended mode when choosing to run only attended tests
* Added Version module to better handle versioning
## 0.4 / 2007-07-05
* rutemaweb, a web interface for the db contents added
  * uses WEBRick, Camping and Ruport
  * offers views on all runs in the System, detailed scenario views and scenario-over-time views
* Runner now rescues all failures in scenarios
* Bugfix in setting status of attended scenario in unattended mode
* Better ruport usage in the historian
* rutemah added to the gem and manifest
* rutemax help message complete with commands
* split the AR reporter and the model
* expanded the unit tests