[ANN] rubyFreenet 0.1

rubyFreenet is a Ruby interface to Freenet Client Protocol 2.0. It's
probably not the best example of Ruby code ever, and I welcome any
comments or criticism.

Freenet is a decentralised anonymous network that provides data
storage services. See http://www.freenetproject.org/ for more.
rubyFreenet is designed to help client application developers make
great applications.

The code can be obtained from
http://www.sitharus.com/~sitharus/rubyFreenet.tar.gz or on Freenet
from freenet:USK@kuwfQh0nlu4VKKdOWQCPP2OWmzL-~N3TUOlJyj3HdLw,KClve2yWvUfu-IecJaxQ~ndQRLGNQ6ozYamneJiFBkE,AQABAAE/rubyFreenet/13

There's a mailing list at
http://emu.freenetproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/rubyfreenet and
a project on the Freenet bug tracker for any issues that arise.


Phillip Hutchings