[ANN] Ruby/CorporateTime 0.1.0


This is to announce Ruby/CorporateTime.

CorporateTime is a proprietary calendar server system produced by

Ruby/CorporateTime is a Ruby language extension that serves as an
interface to the CorporateTime Calendar API (CAPI). Its purpose is to
allow interaction with CorporateTime servers via the Ruby programming

One possible application of this library is to write a program to
display your agenda for the coming week, without needing to resort to
the CorporateTime GUI. In fact, the tar archive contains an example
program for this very purpose.

Another example is to use it to search for the first available one
hour time slot on your colleague’s agenda and book that for a meeting.

In order to use this software, you should have the CAPI libraries
installed on your computer. These can be obtained from
Steltor/Oracle. To build from source, you’ll also need the ctapi.h
header file, once again available from Steltor.

Ruby/CorporateTime has been verified to work with version 2.0 of the
CAPI libraries, and with CorporateTime server versions 5.2 and
5.4. Both the client and the server were running Linux in these tests.

The ‘alpha’ status of Ruby/CorporateTime should be taken to mean that
the calling interface to methods may change, not that the
functionality is barely implemented or that the code is given to
crashing. On the contrary, it’s quite useable and the archive comes
with several demonstration programs.

The home page for Ruby/CorporateTime is:


while the software can be downloaded from here:


The archive contains several demonstration programs to allow you to
get started, plus full documentation for each of the methods.



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