[ANN] rroonga 3.0.8


I've released rroonga 3.0.8!

Web site: http://ranguba.org/#about-rroonga

Rroonga is Ruby bindings for groonga that is a fast flexible
fulltext search engine.

About groonga: http://groonga.org/

= About rroonga

Rroonga is a library to use groonga with Ruby-ish API. It is
easy to add fast fulltext search feature to your Ruby
application easily. You don't need to install any server
process because rroonga is a library.

You can install rroonga by just "gem install".
(If you don't have groonga, rroonga installs it

  gem install rroonga

Groonga is written by C but it is easy to install groonga and
rroonga on Windows. Because rroonga provides gems that
includes binaries for Windows. You can use them on both
i386-mingw32 Ruby and x64-mingw32 Ruby. You can install
these Rubyies by RubyInstaller(*).

(*) http://rubyinstaller.org/

(These gems also include binaries for Ruby 2.1.0 preview1
but RubyInstaller doesn't release packages for Ruby 2.1.0
preview1. So I didn't check it.)

Try tutorial after you install rroonga. You can understand
how to use rroonga:

Tutorial: http://ranguba.org/rroonga/ja/file.tutorial.html

Happy fast fulltext search with Ruby!