[ANN] rodauth-oauth 0.1.0 released

rodauth-oauth 0.1.0 has been released.

rodauth-oauth is a rack-compatible toolkit for building OAuth 2.0
authorization servers, as well as OpenID Authentication Providers..

# as simple as
rodauth do
  enable :oauth

Website: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/rodauth-oauth/
Documentation: https://honeyryderchuck.gitlab.io/rodauth-oauth/rdoc/
Wiki: https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/rodauth-oauth/wikis/home
CI: https://gitlab.com/honeyryderchuck/rodauth-oauth/pipeline

### 0.1.0

* Feature: OpenID Connect support;
* Improvement: Can now switch subject type of "sub" claim to "pairwise";
* Improvement: "auth_time" JWT claim is now supported;
* Improvement: "iss" and "aud" now fall back to the authorization server
url and the client id respectively, when not explicitly set;
* Breaking change: uri schemes for redirect_uri of client applications must
be "https";
* Breaking change: removal of "oauth-" URL prefixes, i.e.
"/oauth-authorize" -->"/authorize"