[ANN] RIak Ruby Client 2.2.0 released

The Riak Ruby client version 2.2.0 is now available. This gem is an officially-supported client for the Riak key-value database, including support for key-value objects, buckets, bucket types, bucket properties, Riak Search/Yokozuna, secondary indexes, and more.

This version, 2.2.0, is a feature release.

New features:

* Object-oriented Riak Search (Yokozuna) API.
* Object-oriented Bucket Properties API.
* Bucket type properties are readable.
* Bucket-typed buckets without properties expose properties of bucket type.
* An interface to get a preflist for Riak KV objects has been added.

Small improvements and changes:

* In line with recent Riak documentation and implementation changes, `vclock`
  can also be referred to as `causal_context`.
* Support for synchronous Riak Search index creation with timeouts has been

Bug fixes:

* Accessing a flag in a non-existent CRDT map returns false now.
* Escaping text in situations that require it is faster, thanks to Jordan
* Loading and storing objects from bucket-typed buckets is more reliable and
  correct thanks to Takeshi Akima.

Updating your applications that pull in the gem directly with Bundler is easy: make sure the Gemfile doesn’t exclude 2.2.0, and `bundle update riak-client`. Gems and applications that transitively depend on riak-client may have a more complex update procedure, or it may be as simple as a bundle update. Make sure your tests pass before putting it into production!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in developing, testing, using, and improving this gem!

Bryce Kerley