[ANN] RCAP 1.0.0 - Common Alerting Protocol for Ruby

The Common Alerting Protocol is a lightweight standard to facilitate
the distribution of alerting data. RCAP is an implementation of the
CAP in Ruby. It allows for the creation of RCAP messages from Ruby
applications and the parsing of external messages.

The major addition in RCAP 1.0.0 is the addition of CAP 1.2 support
along with other additions:

* Added namespaces (RCAP::CAP_1_1 and RCAP::CAP_1_2) to separate CAP
1.1 and CAP 1.2 classes
* Moved to RSpec2 and Bundler
* Added factory methods to create Info, Resource, Area and Polygon
objects from their parent object
* Added factory methods to RCAP::Alert module to parse in files and
return objects in the correct CAP namespace
* Pretty print XML and JSON output

You can install the latest stable RCAP from the command line: gem install rcap

* The RCAP project page can be found at http://www.aimred.com/projects/rcap
* The RCAP API documentation can be found at
* A public git repository can be found at http://github.com/farrel/RCAP
* A CAP validator based on RCAP is available at http://capvalidator.heroku.com



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