[ANN] Radiuslib for Ruby 0.5

Hello everyone,

I’m releasing Radiuslib into the wild today. Radiuslib is a complete
protocol and utility library for using the RADIUS protocol and for
administering RADIUS servers.

While this is not the first implementation of the protocol for Ruby,
it can claim some features that are a first for Ruby, and even some
that are a first for any major high-level scripting language:

Includes –

o A complete, RFC-compliant protocol implementation, including both
authentication and accounting.
o A higher-level “request handler” that encapsulates the tasks to
process a single transaction, including networking.
o A dictionary parser supporting almost all available formats in use
o A r/w parser for Cistron-format “users” files.
o A parser for RADIUS accounting “detail” logs.

Notable features –

o Fully and transparently supports VSAs, even non-standard formats.
o Authentication classes support both PAP and CHAP methods.
o Encodes and decodes filters in the Ascend binary filter format
o Idiomatic, Ruby-ish access. Lots of useful iterators, and classes
for which it’s appropriate can be accessed with familiar hash-like
"[]" and “[]=” methods.

This is the first release of Radiuslib, so I’m calling it Beta at this
point. My hope is that this will be the only “zero-dot” release, with
1.0 planned for November or October.

More information, a mirror of the rdoc, and the package itself can be
found at:


Have fun.



/^Dan Debertin$/
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