[ANN] QED v2.7.0 released

QED 2.7.0 has been released.

QED (Quality Ensured Demonstrations) is a TDD/BDD framework utilizing Literate Programming techniques.

* home: http://rubyworks.github.com/qed
* code: http://github.com/rubyworks/qed
* mail: http://groups.google.com/groups/rubyworks-mailinglist
* bugs: http://github.com/rubyworks/qed/issues

The focus of this release is a much improved underlying API, including a better event model and the application of SOLID principles to really get the code in good shape. In most respects the changes will not effect QED documents --at most some event signals may need to be adjusted, if an old applique happened to use them.

Beyond the underlying code, some other important changes have been made.

Configuration is now handled by the `confection` gem. Simply add a `qed` section to your `Confile`. In it you can add `profile` blocks. See QED project's own `.confile` for an example.

A new notation for captures has been added. Captures can now be written as `/(\S+)/` and non-capture expressions as `/?:\S+/`. The old parenthetical notation still works. Strings arguments may also add `...` to split the string into two match arguments without actually having to pass two arguments.

The change most likely to effect old demonstrandum, is the deprecation of `...` plain text marker. Be sure to make sure your demos use `:` instead.


* Deprecate use of '...' as a plain text example indicator.
* When string arguments can use '...' to split the match.
* Applique files can now be demo documents too.
* Use confection gem for configuration.
* Must use `-f` option to use (most) alternative reporters.
* Show full backtrace in (most) reporters.
* Overhaul evaluator using better signal names.
* Underlying observer API redesigned (effects reporters).
* Rework API taking SOLID principles into consideration.