[ANN] Planet Vancouver.rb Now Live - Ruby Postings, Discussions and More from Canada's West Coast


  Planet Vancouver.rb is now live collecting and publishing Ruby/Rails
news, postings, discussions from in and around Vancouver, B.C. on
Canada's West Coast in the Americas. Get your feed included.

  The latest postings include:

  * Annotate Your ActiveRecord Models with Comments About Your Table
Structure - Rails Plugin of the Week // Gerald Bauer
  * How to read web feeds (RSS, Atom) using the standard Ruby library
// Gerald Bauer
  * How to use Google's SMTP server and Gmail to send emails with Ruby
// Gerald Bauer
  * Learning Ruby on Rails with Heroku Episode 1 // Matthew Carriere
  * Vancouver.rb Q&A with Adam Palmblad on Startup TeamPages.com, Ruby
on Rails, Tips and Tricks on Getting Started, and More // Vancouver.rb
  * Getting started with the Ruboss framework in 5 minutes // Peter
Amstrong, Dima Berastau et al
  * RX and 1.9 and Pain // Tim Bray
  * WF2: Start Your Engines! // Tim Bray
  * Vancouver.rb - Open Ruby Hack Night - Every Monday 7pm - Whenever
(9ish) - Join Us // Vancouver.rb News
  * Announcing Enterprise Flexible Rails (the 'Ruboss in Action' book)
// Peter Amstrong, Dima Berastau et al
  * Passenger - When you have to use Apache! // Joe Bowser
  * MagLev recap // Avi Bryant

   More @ http://planet.vanrb.com



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