[ANN]: Pandora 0.4.4 Release

I am pleased to announce that Pandora 0.4.4 is now available to the
general public.


Simply said, Pandora is a simple Wiki engine that does not require any
relational database to install and written in the Ruby programming

Pandora comes with a built-in user management functions allowing the
Wiki publisher to choose whether to allow "open editing" or, at another
extreme, to restrict viewing of portions of the site to a select number
of users.

In Pandora a Wiki publisher can create a number of "books", which can
contain any number of "chapters" and "pages". Each Pandora book
maintains its own user registry and access control list. Each Pandora
book can be exported into a compact and portable form that can be
transported to and viewed in another Pandora instance, across different
operating system platforms wherever Ruby is supported.


Updates include a new way to delete existing pages and chapters, recent
changes page, default sidebar for new books, trail path attachment
indicator, iconified file links, fix for a defect that caused an
exception when a book is deleted, and documentation edits.

As usual, visit the download page at
http://pandora.rubyveil.com/pandora/Pandora/Project/Downloads or the
RubyForge Pandora Project Site at
http://rubyforge.org/projects/pandora/ to get the latest code.

Best regards,

Julian I. Kamil <julian.kamil@gmail.com>