[ANN] olddoc 1.7.0 - old-fashioned RDoc generator

(Eric Wong) #1

olddoc contains old-fashioned document generators for those who do not
wish to impose bloated, new-fangled web cruft on their readers.

olddoc contains dark216, a HTML generator without any images, frames,
or JavaScript. It is designed for users of text-based browsers
and/or low-bandwidth connections; yet respects user preference for
light color schemes in new CSS browsers while favoring darkness for
power savings on OLED and CRT displays. dark216 focuses on text as
it is the lowest common denominator for accessibility and compatibility
with people and hardware.


    Since most users are on horrible GUI browsers which default
    to light backgrounds, implement the "dark216" color scheme
    which saves power on OLED and CRT displays. This still
    respects "prefers-color-scheme:light" on newer browsers,
    so users can burn their eyes out if they wish :stuck_out_tongue:

    While we're at it, switch to perlpod for our own documentation
    since Perl5 and POD tooling is more common on most *nix systems
    than pandoc. Finally, update our documentation to avoid the
    term "mailing list" because centralized subscriber lists limit
    forkability compared to an "archives first" approach to email.

    3 changes since v1.6.0 (2019-01-07):
      add dark216 color scheme for power savings
      doc: switch to perlpod for documentation
      doc: update wording to avoid "mailing list"

* https://80x24.org/olddoc/ - homepage + sample
* https://80x24.org/olddoc-public/ - mail archives
* nntp://news.public-inbox.org/inbox.comp.lang.ruby.olddoc
* olddoc-public@80x24.org - public inbox (no subscription)
* license: GPL-3.0+
* git clone https://80x24.org/olddoc.git