[ANN] olddoc 1.6.0 - old-fashioned RDoc generator

(Eric Wong) #1

olddoc contains old-fashioned document generators for those who do not
wish to impose bloated, new-fangled web cruft on their readers.

olddoc contains oldweb, an HTML generator without any images, frames,
CSS, or JavaScript. It is designed for users of text-based browsers
and/or low-bandwidth connections. oldweb focuses on text as it is
the lowest common denominator for accessibility and compatibility
with people and hardware.

== Reasons

* No CSS. Encouraging users to use CSS leads to problems like
  copy-paste hijacking: https://thejh.net/misc/website-terminal-copy-paste
  External CSS also increases page load time as it often blocks page
  rendering. Asynchronous loading of CSS also causes accessibility
  problems as links/buttons may move as a user attempts to click.

* No JavaScript. There is a constant barrage of security and
  client-side performance problems associated with it. It's also
  unreasonable to expect users to rely on LibreJS and inspect every
  piece of JS they run.

* No frames. Frames are an accessibility hassle and unfriendly
  to users of tiny screens on mobile devices and text-based browsers.

* No images. Not everyone can view or afford bandwidth to load images.
  This also reduces the potential for security vulnerabilities as less
  code gets run. Furthermore, loading the wrong image in a public
  place can get you arrested (or worse).

Encourage readers to simplify and speed up their browsing experience.
They can disable CSS, JavaScript, and images in their browser without
missing out!

== Usage

  gem install olddoc
  rdoc -f oldweb

== Changes

    olddoc 1.6.0

    4 changes since v1.5.1 (2017-12-15):
          oldweb: work around annoying ERB deprecation in Ruby 2.6
          update URLs to HTTPS
          linkify source commands and URLs
          fall back to cgit_url and git_url if "source_code" is not defined

* https://80x24.org/olddoc/ - homepage + sample
* https://80x24.org/olddoc-public/ - mailing list archives
* nntp://news.public-inbox.org/inbox.comp.lang.ruby.olddoc
* olddoc-public@80x24.org - public mailing list (no subscription necessary)
* license: GPL-3.0+

* git clone https://80x24.org/olddoc.git
  about git cgit instance above...

  I've submitted patches to the cgit mailing list[1] to reduce
  dependencies on css, and they're also available at
  https://80x24.org/cgit.git in the meantime
  [1] https://lists.zx2c4.com/mailman/listinfo/cgit