[ANN] noble_names 1.0.0 - Capitalize names in different languages correctly

(Paul Martensen) #1


noble_names is a tiny gem for a nieche problem: Capitalizing names correctly in certain languages.

We had this problem back in 2016 when we were capitalizing user names in german which could have nobility particles like "von", which should never be capitalized.
noble_names simply detects these particles (or prefixes in some languages) as well as business particles (think "Co. KG" or "Inc.") and corrects these mistakes.

I just updated the dependencies and had to drop support for ruby 1.9.3 which prompted me to do a major version bump.

Here are the links if you want to have a look:

* https://rubygems.org/gems/noble_names
* https://github.com/Haniyya/noble_names/

Im happy for any contributions anyone has to make (especially since this is a localization gem and I'm only proficient in German and English).

Happy Coding!