[ANN] nibjs 1.1.0 Released

nibjs version 1.1.0 has been released!

nib.js - Package [java|coffee]script libraries for the browser

nib.js is a library allowing to maintain javascript projects ala ‘node.js’
(CommonJS conventions
about modules, exports, require) while also targetting the web browser as
execution platform. It
contains a simple packager command (nibjs) that will convert your sources to
a single and
minified .js file to be embedded in the browser. Node.js’s exports and
require are correctly


1.1.0 / 2011-02-23

  • Enhancements

    • Added examples acting as both documentation, gh-pages and integration
    • Added --footer and --standalone options
    • Added alias for --autorequire as -a
    • Added alias for --uglify as -u
    • Added alias for --join as -j
    • Major boolean options (uglify, join, autorequire) have a [no-]



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Mobile: +32 477 24 58 61
Blog: http://revision-zero.org/
Code: http://github.com/blambeau/
Follow: http://twitter.com/blambeau/

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