[ANN] newsstats 1.1.2 (pre-release) is released


Compute and, or post weekly stats for Usenet newsgroups, better cached in locally or from an upstream NNTP server.


Home: http://newsstats.rubyforge.org/
Download: http://rubyforge.org/projects/newsstats/


Usage: newsstats [options] <news.group.name> ...

Specific options:
     -d, --debug Debugging flag (set $DEBUG to true)
     -t, --test-run Test run, DON'T POST (depends on $DEBUG)
     -v, --verbose=LEVEL Verbose level(set $VERBOSE to n)
     -w, --weeks-ago=WEEKS Weeks ago? defualt is 1 week

Common options:
     -h, --help Show this message
         --version Show version information


GNU GPL (General Public License)

Cheers! Have fun!


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