[ANN] ncurses-ruby-0.9.2

Ncurses-ruby made another small step on its way to reach the 1.0 version

Starting with this release, getch and wgetch will no longer block other
ruby threads when waiting for user input.


Changes in 0.9.2:
  * Preventing getch and wgetch functions from blocking other ruby
  * Previously ncurses-ruby installed two files named "ncurses.rb" and
    "ncurses.so". The "ncurses.so" is now renamed to "ncurses_bin.so"
    to prevent "require 'ncurses'" from accidentally loading only the
    binary file in case that this is found first in ruby's load path.
  * Reintroduced ability to "include" Ncurses functions:
    Use "include Ncurses::Namespace" for that. This is implemented via
    method_missing, so that ncurses functions (some of which have very
    common names) will not hide other functions defined in the extended
    scope. (The former method_missing function is properly aliased and
    called after an unsuccessful lookup.)