[ANN] mogilefs-client 3.10.0 - MogileFS client library for Ruby

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see: http://mogilefs.org for more details. This
library allows any Ruby application to read, write and delete files in a
MogileFS instance.


    Ruby mogilefs-client 3.10.0

    A bunch of minor tweaks to reduce garbage and exceptions.

    In addition to the existing :timeout and :fail_timeout options,
    there is a new :connect_timeout directive for all connection
    classes which only controls the time spent waiting for a TCP
    connection. This defaults to the same value as the existing
    :timeout option (3 seconds); but users are advised to lower
    it to match ideal network conditions.

    For users of Ruby 2.3+, this release takes advantage of
    exception-less Socket#connect_nonblock using "exception: false".
    Users of Ruby 2.1+ will also benefit from "exception: false"
    usage for read_nonblock and write_nonblock calls.
    kgio is no longer be useful with this release with Ruby 2.3+

    This release also fixes a Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility bug for
    non-kgio users. However, this may be the last 1.8.7-compatible
    release. Fwiw, I wanted to remove Ruby 1.8 support around 5
    years ago but several users were against it. Maybe nobody will
    complain, this time...

    18 changes since 3.9.0:

          doc: avoid inadvertantly documenting the Process class
          admin: simplify utilization conversion
          more idiomatic comparisons with constants
          bigfile/filter: only update MD5 if non-nil
          bigfile: lazily require bigfile/filter
          backend: simplify regexp
          .olddoc.yml: add NNTP and mailing list archive URL
          minor garbage reductions for newer Rubies
          socket/pure_ruby: fix Ruby 1.8 compatibility
          socket/pure_ruby: use `:exception=>false' on Ruby 2.1+
          test_fresh: do not delete non-existent domain
          admin: map unset reject_bad_md5 field to nil
          socket/pure_ruby: connect with "exception:false" on Ruby 2.3+
          implement :connect_timeout option
          add .gitattributes for Ruby method detection
          README: stop mentioning cgit
          connect_timeout: match :timeout if unset
          pkg.mk: use --local option for gem installation

rdoc :: http://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client/
list :: mogilefs-client-public@bogomips.org
list-cc :: mogile@googlegroups.com
list-archive :: http://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client-public/
git clone git://bogomips.org/mogilefs-client.git