[ANN] mime-types 2.99 Released

mime-types version 2.99 has been released!

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* code: <https://github.com/mime-types/ruby-mime-types/>
* bugs: <https://github.com/mime-types/ruby-mime-types/issues>
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The mime-types library provides a library and registry for information about
MIME content type definitions. It can be used to determine defined filename
extensions for MIME types, or to use filename extensions to look up the
MIME type definitions.

This is release 2.99, the deprecation version of mime-types 2.x, where
deprecation warnings are noisy and data that has been deprecated is now no
longer available. The data is both dropped from the data files and is
out as empty or +nil+ values as appropriate.

mime-types-2.6 was the last version of mime-types 2.x with newly available
features, and mime-types 2.99 will only receive quarterly updates to the
registered MIME media types plus any security updates that may be required.

If the loss of the deprecated data matters, be sure to set your dependency

   gem 'mime-types', '~> 2.6, < 2.99'

mime-types 2.99.x will receive security updates as needed and quarterly
of the IANA registry for two years, ending on 2017-11-21.


## 2.99 / 2015-11-21

* 1 governance change

  * This project now has a {Code of Conduct}[Code-of-Conduct_rdoc.html]

* 1 major change

  * Replaced deprecated fields for MIME types with fixed empty responses.