[ANN] linkparser 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 of linkparser has been released.

A Ruby binding for the link-grammar library, a syntactic parser of
English. See http://www.link.cs.cmu.edu/link/ for more information about
the Link Grammar, and http://www.abisource.org/projects/link-grammar/
for information about the link-grammar library.

## Project Page


## Installation

    $ tar -xvzf link-grammar-4.7.0.tar.gz
    $ cd link-grammar-4.7.0
    $ ./configure; make; sudo make install
    $ cd ..
    $ sudo gem install linkparser

## Changes

* Updated to support link-grammar 4.7.0. Note that this breaks compatibility with
  earlier versions, as the model for sentences with conjunctions has changed
* Use pkgconfig if available.
* Various memory-management and 1.9.2 fixes.