[ANN] kramdown 1.12.0 released

## About kramdown

kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a *free*
MIT-licensed [Ruby](http://www.ruby-lang.org) library for parsing a
superset of Markdown.

It is completely written in Ruby, supports standard Markdown (with some
minor modifications) and various extensions that have been made popular
by the PHP Markdown Extra package and Maruku.

Homepage for installation instructions and documentation:

## kramdown 1.12.0 released

This release features two enhancements for definition lists:

1. IALs can now be applied to definition terms:

       {:.classy} term
       : and its definition

2. IDs for definition terms can now be created automatically (similar
   to header IDs) and optionally assigned a prefix:

       : definition

       : definition


       : definition

       : definition

Furthermore, compatibility of the GFM parser has been improved in
regards to list/blockquotes/codeblocks that are used directly after a
paragraph (i.e. without a blank line).

## Changes

* 4 minor change:

  - Allow using an IAL for definition terms (`<dt>`) as is already
    possible with definitions themselves (`<dd>`)
  - Added automatic generation of IDs (with optional prefix) for terms
    of definition lists (fixes [#355], requested by Greg Wilson)
  - Removed obfuscation for e-mail links (fixes [#343], requested by
    Anton Tsyganenko)
  - New option 'gfm_quirks' for enabling/disabling parsing differences
    of the GFM parser with respect to the kramdown parser

* 4 bug fixes:

  - Added support for HTML5 element `<main>` (fixes [#334], reported by
    Jean-Michel Lacroix)
  - Fixed math element output for HTML converter when no math engine is
    set (fixes [#342], reported by Adrian Sampson)
  - Fixed problem when using custom HTML formatter for syntax
    highlighter rouge (fixes [#356], patch by Alexey Vasiliev)
  - Better compatibility with GFM when lists/blockquotes/codeblocks are
    used directly after a paragraph (fixes [#336] (reported by Shuanglei
    Tao), [#359] (reported by Matti Schneider) via the patch [#358] by
    Shuanglei Tao)

* 3 other fixes and enhancements:

  - Added some more examples for how list indentation works (fixes
    [#353], requested by Robbert Brak)
  - Using `RbConfig` instead of deprecated `Config` for determining
    data directory (fixes [#345], patch by Cédric Boutillier)
  - JRuby is now also tested via TravisCI (fixes [#363], patch by
    Shuanglei Tao)

[#334]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/334
[#343]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/343
[#342]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/342
[#353]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/353
[#355]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/355
[#345]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/pull/345
[#356]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/pull/356
[#358]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/pull/358
[#336]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/336
[#359]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/issues/359
[#363]: https://github.com/gettalong/kramdown/pull/363


    Thanks for the latest kramdown release. Kramdown rocks!

    Over at Vienna.html I've put together an Awesome Kramdown [1]
bookmark list about all things kramdown (e.g. articles, tips & tricks,
addons, services, etc.). Anything missing? Let us know (or send a
patch/pull request).


[1] https://github.com/viennahtml/awesome-kramdown