[ANN] Komodo 3.5 for OS X released, Beta For Windows and Linux available

The general announcement that went out to the mailing lists follows.
This release of Komodo provides the following support for Ruby:

- syntax-based colorizing, including handling of here-documents,
%-strings, and other subtle parts of the language.
- smart auto-indenting and code-folding of blocks
- automatic insertion of 'end' statements
- code-completion -- type "." after an identifier, and a
dropdown of methods and properties will appear
- graphical debugger

We (and Ruby) have had writeups this week in the trades, including:

InfoWorld - http://www.infoworld.com/article/05/11/02/HNruby_1.html

EWeek - http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1880199,00.asp

This is great news for those wanting to see Ruby gain more
respectability "in the enterprise".

Thanks to those of you who provided suggestions to us. The following
blurb gives details on downloads, mailing lists etc.


Eric Promislow Ruby guy at ActiveState
ericp@activestate.com http://blogs.activestate.com/ericp

I am very pleased to announce the release of Komodo 3.5 for OS X.
This release is the result of months of work porting various
components, such as our language distributions, Scintilla (an open
source editing component), updating to the same Mozilla code base that
Firefox 1.5 runs on, and much much more. During the same time many
bugs have also been resolved, and we've added support for Ruby and
better support for international languages through support for IME.

We have also released Beta 1 for Windows and Linux. In order to
provide as much focus on the OS X port as possible, we have shipped
other platforms a release behind. Now our focus will be switched to
finishing those up in order to provide a release before year end. At
that time, we will release all platforms, including OS X, as Komodo

Find out more about Komodo for OS X by visiting

You can download the latest Beta releases for Windows and Linux by
visiting our website at

By registering, you will automatically be subscribed to the beta email
list (komodo-beta@listserv.activestate.com,
http://listserv.activestate.com/mailman/listinfo/komodo-beta) and be
provided with download instructions.

If you already have a beta license, you can simply download the
binaries from http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/

Current Known Issues are documented in the release notes that can be
found in Komodo Help.

A rough list of bugs fixed since 3.1 release in February 2005:


On behalf of the Komodo development team,

Shane Caraveo
Komodo Tech Lead