[ANN] Jabber4R 0.2.0

I am pleased to announce the second release of the Jabber Ruby client
library. This release adds support for registering accounts as well as
subscription management.

From the site: http://infoether.com/ruby/jabber4r/index.htm

This library was created to allow a Ruby application to connect to a
Jabber account as an additional resource. This is not meant to be a
library to create a complete Ruby-based Jabber IM client. It was written
for ease of use, not completeness.

It currently supports:

  • Account registration
  • Connection to an account
  • Access to Roster (buddy list)
  • Tracking of presence of resources in the Roster
    (including local account resources)
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Managing subscriptions

An example use:

require “jabber4r/jabber4r"
session = Jabber::Session.bind_digest(“account@host/resource”,
message = session.new_message("rich_kilmer@jabber.org”)
message.subject = "hello"
message.body = "This is really cool"
rescue Exception=>error
puts error
session.release if session

Direct download link:

RDoc documentation link:
(RDoc included in the .zip file)

-Rich Kilmer