[ANN] HexaPDF 0.8.0 - Support for box layouting

(Thomas Leitner) #1

Hello everybody,

I have released the latest version of HexaPDF, a versatile PDF creation
and manipulation for Ruby. With HexaPDF you can manipulate existing PDF
documents (like merging PDF files, encrypting/decrypting/optimizing
them, changing parts of a PDF file, ...) and create new PDF documents
from scratch.

Details for this release:

  This latest version adds the needed functionality to layout boxes on
  a page inside a frame. Frames represent a rectangular area in which
  boxes can be placed. Boxes represent paragraphs, headings, ... but
  also images and other things, and can be fully styled (e.g.
  background, border, padding, margin, ...). Most boxes are rectangular
  but text boxes can "flow" around occupied regions of a frame (think,
  for example: text around an image).