[ANN] heel 1.0.2 Released

heel version 1.0.2 has been released.

This is a bugfix release, If you are seeing an issue with FileType not
being found, then it is time to upgrade.



{{ Release notes for Version 1.0.2 }}

* Fix FileType namespace issue (thanks defunkt) and new version of coderay
* various task maintenance
* updated version dependencies


  gem install heel

Heel is a small static web server for use when you need a quick web
server for a directory. Once the server is running, heel will use
launchy to open your browser at the URL of your document root.

Heel is built using Rack and Thin

   % heel
   >> Thin web server (v1.0.0 codename That's What She Said)
   >> Threaded mode OFF
   >> Maximum connections set to 1024
   >> Listening on, CTRL+C to stop
   Launching your browser...

Or run it in the background

  % heel --daemonize
  Created /Users/jeremy/.heel
  heel's PID (/Users/jeremy/.heel/heel.pid) and log file (/Users/jeremy/.heel/heel.log) are stored here
  Launching your browser at

  % heel --kill
  Sending TERM to process 3304



Jeremy Hinegardner jeremy@hinegardner.org