ANN: Guis 1.4 release (GTK2 scriptable widget server)

Dear All,

This is to announce availability of Guis-1.4 (opensource under GPL)

Guis widget server is a Gtk2 widget server. It listens on pipes for
widget requests (in the Python or Ruby scripting languages), and emit
replies or events in textual lines (e.g. Lispy, XML or plain token

Actually, there are 2 different programs: ruguis is Guis for Ruby and
pyguis is Guis for Python, sharing some common source code.

See and and download a 518832 byte
gnuzipped source tarball of md5sum 5b5e5666a0b878adb170c626b44b5f87

Guis uses the PyGTK binding for Python to GTK2 and the ruby-gnome2
binding for Ruby to GTK2.

Changlog since 1.3

  • bug fixes, notably fixed coredump when shrinking read buffer
  • trace window use char wrap
  • logfile ability
  • support for Python2.2 & 2.3 and for Ruby1.8
  • better support for gtk main loop inside & outside initial script

I’m CC-ing the PyGTK and rubygnome2 mailing lists

I’ll be delighted by feedback!


email: basilestarynkevitchnet
aliases: basiletunesorg = bstarynknerimnet
8, rue de la Faïencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France