ANN: Guis-1.3 a GTK2 widget server (scriptable in Python & Ruby)

Dear All,

It is my pleasure to announce the release 1.3 of Guis, which is a
programmable graphical user interface widget “server”.

Guis communicate with a (one) client application thru textual
communication channels; input requests (from application to guis) are
Python (or Ruby) instructions (using the PyGTK binding of GTK2 to
Python or the ruby-gnome2 binding of GTK2 to Ruby) and output replies
(or events) are arbitrary textual lines from Guis to application (sent
by Python or Ruby script). There is a possibility to trace the
exchanges between application & guis (in a graphical window)

Guis is therefore a programmable (in Python or in Ruby) GTK2 widget

The GTK related code of Guis can easily be ported to any embeddable
scripting language offering a GTK2 binding.

Guis is opensource, under GNU General Public License, developped under

See for documentation
on Guis, and also and download
source code (with demo) from (a 482780 byte
gzipped tar file of md5sum 70993058c397b04ff9b3030f0eda475c)

There are actually 2 binaries: pyguis is Guis for Python2.2 and ruguis
is Guis for Ruby1.8

Guis is developed under Linux and should run on most Posix systems
with GTK2.

Comments, suggestions and patches are welcome!

Changes to this release: minor bugfixes, and (mostly) an experimental
Ruby version.


email: basilestarynkevitchnet
aliases: basiletunesorg = bstarynknerimnet
8, rue de la Faïencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France