[ANN] graph 2.0.0 Released

graph version 2.0.0 has been released!

* <http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb>

Graph is a type of hash that outputs in graphviz's dot format. It
comes with a command-line interface that is easily pluggable.

It ships with plugins to graph dependencies and status of installed
rubygems, rake tasks, homebrew ports, mac ports, and freebsd ports,
coloring leaf nodes blue, outdated nodes red, and outdated leaf nodes
purple (red+blue).


### 2.0.0 / 2010-12-24

* 1 major enhancement:

  * Graph is completely rewritten. It is no longer a Hash subclass.
    Not backwards compatible! 147.3% more awesome.

* 27 minor enhancements:

  * #save now defaults type to nil, pass "png" or whatever if you want an image.
  * Added DepAnalyzer#decorate
  * Added DepAnalyzer#setup
  * Added Graph::Node and Graph::Edge to formalize the relationships.
  * Added Graph#color(name), #shape(name), #style(name).
  * Added Graph#colorscheme and #fillcolor.
  * Added Graph#edge(name1, name2, name3 ...)
  * Added Graph#font.
  * Added Graph#label(name), Node#label(name) and Edge#label(name).
  * Added Graph#node(name, label = nil)
  * Added Graph#node_attribs and Graph#edge_attribs.
  * Added Graph#subgraphs and Graph#<<(subgraph).
  * Added Graph::Attribute with ability to decorate: red << node << edge
  * Added a gallery of examples and a rake task to run them all.
  * Added digraph { ... subgraph { ... } ... } DSL.
  * Added homebrew dependency analyzer.
  * Added shortcut methods for all styles, shapes, and the major colors.
  * Added support for subgraphs: graph << subgraph.
  * Insert-order is no longer maintained... this _may_ cause problems.
  * Node#>> defined so the arrows can point the same way as in dot: n1 >> n2
  * Removed Graph#prefix in favor of the more structured accessors.
  * Renamed Graph#attribs to Graph#graph_attribs and it is now graph only.
  * RubygemsAnalyzer now draws developer dependencies gray.
  * RubygemsAnalyzer now has -a to graph all dependencies even if not installed.
  * graph tool no longer opens by default.
  * graph tool now has -o to `open` the output and -d to switch to the dotfile.