ANN: EZExerb 1.0.0

(Rich) #1


Let me know how it goes.



Richard wrote:

Category: Application/GUI
Project name: ezexerb
Short description: FXRuby GUI for the Exerb tool
Version: 1.0.0
Status: stable
Last update: 2004-02-19 19:00:23 GMT
Owner: Richard Lyman (Projects of this owner)
Homepage: not available
License: Proprietary
Description: After Exerb (3.2.0) is installed this tool makes the
creation of EXR and EXE files easier.

You have the option of hiding the DOS window and, you can keep or remove
the EXR and MAK files generated during the compile process.

This version also supports referencing a Ruby install directory other
than the default.

Tested on: 98, 2000, and XP

1.0.0 - Release date: 18.02.04
0.9.0 - Release date: 15.02.04

Cool I was kind of lamenting the fact that I may have to stick with Perl
because of PAR and then I find your tool and exerb. Sweet.