[ANN] ElixirConf 2015 is Here in 17 Days!

Dear functional friend, in just 17 days
you can experience all the Elixir goodness
and Texas BBQ that you can handle,
right here in Austin, TX.

The worlds largest ElixirConf is happening
in Austin Texas at Norris Conference Center
on October 1-3, with over 250 attendees

October 1 is the optional training day where
you can choose between

  * Taking Off with Phoenix
  * Programming in Elixir with Tests

On October 2-3, there are over 30 speakers
and panelist sharing their knowledge and
insights how Elixir and Phoenix are helping
them reach their goals and are putting
their companies on top.

Check out the website for the schedule
and the amazing speakers and fun planned
for ElixirConf 2015!


Register now so you don't miss out.

We look forward to seeing you.



Jim Freeze
ElixirConf 2015 Conference Organizer

P.S. Are you Hiring? Want to Sponsor ElixirConf?
Find your Elixir/Phoenix hero by
sponsoring ElixirConf.
Please contact jimfreeze@gmail.com
for a Sponsorship packet.

P.P.S. Training
We are sorry to announce that
   * Advanced Phoenix and Websockets
is sold out.